Community Outreach

Community outreach is a vital part of the project. We encourage you to follow and provide input on improvements to the bridge as an important transportation link for the local communities and the region.

The study team is committed to keeping the public informed throughout LCD study. Our aim is to keep all interested parties informed about the project and respond to questions and concerns. As the project moves through the Purpose and Need, Alternatives Analysis and PPA phases, we will continue to provide the latest project information and meeting announcements.

Current Outreach efforts for the study include:

  • Local officials briefings, community stakeholder meetings and public information centers
  • Meeting announcement alerts and project information through social media and mailings
  • Regular updates to the project website, including study progress reports and other outreach materials
  • Coordination with elected officials, local governments, first-responders and the media
  • Responses to inquiries from interested parties

Planned Outreach Activities

The study team is committed to developing transportation improvements that best balance transportation needs, the environment, community concerns and cost. The three-phase outreach framework below outlines the objectives and goals of outreach to various key stakeholders during the LCD Phase:

PHASE 1 – Develop Purpose and Need Statement (Early 2018)Present project status and schedule
Review goals and objectives
Identify issues and concerns
Obtain input on the Project Purpose and Need Statement
Public Action Plan (PAP)
Project Specific Website
Local Officials Briefing #1
Community Stakeholders Meeting #1
Public Information Center #1
Project Information Handouts, updates and Mailings
PHASE 2 – Alternative Analysis (Mid 2018)Obtain feedback and refinements to proposed alternatives
Discuss any impacts that the alternatives and any potential detour may have on local residents and businesses
Local Officials Briefing #2
Community Stakeholders Meeting #2
Public Information Center #2
Project Information Handouts and Updates
PHASE 3 – Preliminary Preferred Alternative (PPA) – (Late 2018)Gain feedback and approval on the PPA
Discuss next steps/timeline for the project
Local Officials Briefing #3
Public Information Center #3
Project Information Handouts and Updates

Ways to Get Involved

Questions, Comments or Suggestions

We encourage community members to voice their concerns and contribute suggestions to the study team. For questions or comments, please fill in the public comment form.


  • Conduct Data Collection
    Early 2018
  • Community Outreach / Input
    Early 2018
  • Purpose & Need Statement Complete
    Early 2018
  • Community Outreach / Input
    Mid 2018
  • Alternatives Analysis Complete
    Mid 2018
  • Preparation of Preliminary Preferred Alternative
    Late 2018
  • Community Outreach / Input
    Late 2018
  • Final Concept Development Report
    Early 2019
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