Category: Project Update

Project Status – Preliminary Engineering Initiated

Morris County initiated the Preliminary Engineering phase of the project in March 2022. Ongoing work includes preliminary structural design, preliminary design of roadway geometry, traffic control design, geotechnical engineering, utility coordination, and environmental studies.

Columbia Turnpike Bridge LCD Study Public Action Plan (PAP)

The foundation for community outreach is set through the development and agreement upon the PAP. The plan considers the varying communication needs of elected and local officials, residents, businesses, resource agencies and personnel, and other stakeholders and special interest groups located throughout the study area. View the PAP.

Project Status – Data Collection Work Underway (March 2018)

The project team is currently conducting data collection to evaluate existing conditions. Ongoing work includes: project mapping and field survey; environmental screenings; verification of utilities; evaluation of deficiencies; obtain bridge inspection reports; traffic data; crash data; stakeholder coordination; public outreach; and the development of a project Purpose and Need Statement. Learn More.